Polydeck Screen Corporation



8' x 24' Triple Deck
Feed Approx. 1000-2000 TPH
(Depends on Product Being Washed)

Crushed Limestone
90 Lbs. Per Cubic Foot

3250 GPM of Water

Approx. 2.5 Million TPY are
washed over this screen

 Using Wire
3/32" Square Opening Stainless Steel Wire
Average Wear Life - 4-5 Weeks
Water Carryover Problems
Using Polydex® (Installed Feb.1997)

65mm x 14.5mm - MAXI High Open Area (14% Open Area)

As of Dec. 99, Have Not Changed Any Worn Panels

No Water Carryover Problems

4 Rows of 1" Dams to Help
Maximize Washing

For  Price and Availability
Contact:  ctfco1@earthlink.net
Include Make, Model and Part Number if Possible

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