McCord Conveyor Systems LLC

Conveyor Systems Including Fixed & Field Conveyors.
Belt Feeders, Radial Stackers, Feed Hoppers, Portable Surge Bins
and Portable Chassis for Crushing & Screening Equipment.

At left are 30" BW x 100'-0 field conveyors.  These conveyors were supplied with rubber tires and an adjustable height support to allow for varied terrain elevations. The trusses are our standard 42" deep design to allow for a longer span.
Rubber tired Portable and Skid mounted equipment, including radial stackers, folding radial stackers, field conveyors, feeder hoppers, stackable conveyors and magnetic seperator belts.
Aggregate conveyors include radial stackers with both power radial drive and powered lift (both cable mast type and hydrualic type), fixed height radial stackers to 225'-0, transfer conveyors, stackable conveyors, overland conveyors, surge bins and screening plants.
This conveyor is a 36" x 150' cable suspended mast
The unit at left is a 40-ton portable surge bin with bolted, removable abrasion resistant steel liners. Surge bins are available without the liners and with grizzlies and variable speed drive.

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